Celia & Michael's wedding at Watson's Bay Hotel, Sydney

Such a beautiful day for Celia & MIchael Derwin's wedding in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Celia got ready in Bellevue Hill, followed by a ceremony at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Watson's Bay. Then we ventured off the to lighthouse in stylish Kombi vans at sunset. Next was the reception with all the incredible food and style offered by Watson's Bay Hotel, 1 Military Rd, Watsons Bay NSW 2030.

Nikki McLennan is.....


“I am my work, and my work is me” - Nikki McLennan

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I am a consummate hat-wearer, a different one for each slice of my life, and never more so in my work. As a busy photographer, I get to capture both the delicate minutiae and the great scope of people’s lives – and that requires hats, as well as a clever play on words…



The family focused orbit of my work, Lion + Cub Photography specialises in life – families, parties, pregnancies, weddings and kids, and all those moments that stop your heart, make you smile or take you by surprise.


Lion + Cub captures the expression that almost escaped on a kid with naughty in his eyes; a gaggle of laughing aunts; the daydreamer, the innate hope you hold for the future, hand clasped over a swollen belly…


It’s about connection, and while the old adage suggests we should never work with children or animals, somehow this is where I excel, in drawing out the naturally emotive and playful side of humans, and capturing their moments in the most poignant of settings.


The hat? It’s a tangle-tailed beanie, much adored and giggling with irreverence.


Lionhead focuses on corporate photography – head shots, actor’s profiles, events and locations and interiors.


It’s about capturing images that differentiate your brand and promote your message, portraying to your audience the perception of instant trust and enduring quality. And it is perfect for rejuvenating an online presence, promotional materials and sales collateral with intelligent new imagery of your people, products and places.


The hat? Jaunty bowler atop freshly done mane.



Lioness Photograph is about dressing up or dressing down – it’s about capturing a woman’s confidence and style, her elegance, and perhaps a glimpse of skin, if that’s your thing. Featuring timeless boudoir shoots, the glitz and sex appeal of a glamour shoot, or the high-octane pulse of a pole-dancing shoot, this is about unleashing the inner woman in all her glory.


The hat? Darling, I just leave it off…

Kids birthday party!

Double trouble at this birthday for Tex, 1 and his sister Rena 3. It was raining hard, so the party was moved to an inner west apartment. Birthday cake, sausages blended with plenty of toys, gifts, dress ups and the all time favourite of jumping on the bed made for a super fun afternoon.



5 steps to taking better photos of your kids on your I-Phone

  1. If your baby is on its back, position the centre of your phone right above their nose (i.e. don't photograph from an angle below their chin. This distorts their little face and is massively unflattering.)
  2. Using a trampoline or a bed,  stand right over them and bounce or tickle to get a great laugh, then snap!
  3. Avoid the flash, it never looks good. Instead, make sure the subjects are beside a window  at a 45 degree angle or in the shade close to where the sunshine begins.
  4. Get in close, fill the frame with their face. Or lie down on your stomach, prop yourself up on your elbows.  Make a silly animal sound and capture them as they turn around to see where that noise came from!
  5. Use Hipstamatic or PhotoToaster to add frames, boost colours, add vignettes then BAM - your photos will pop with life and emotion. Upload directly to social media if desired.

Lion & Cub's Kindergarten Photos


Lion & Cub Photography specialises in childcare and preschool photos.

Our work strives to capture the essence of a child’s natural curiosity and wonder at this gorgeous age of innocence. We use a child entertainer to help create genuine moments of joy that you will treasure and our portraits make wonderful gifts. All photos are supplied in colour and/or black and white on professional quality lustre paper. Digital files are available along with online proof sheets of additional photos. We provide 6x 4”, 5 x 7”, 8 x 12” and wallet size options.

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Published again in Capture Magazine

Pleased to announce the publication of three new articles in Capture Magazine! Read about how to survive and thrive in the wedding and portrait industry. I interviewed Canon Masters Jonas Peterson & James Simmons, along with David Stowe from Society in Mosman, Velvet Moth & SugarLove in Sydney. It's super competitive out there and many photographer's are willing to undercut, so how do you survive?

The second article is about consumers all wanting digital files. What is the answer to this digital dilemma? How are the most successful studios responding to this?

Lastly there is an informative article about the best presets in Lightroom to finish your photos for production and make them sing! I interviewed internationally renowned Kevin Kubota who creates time saving image tools for Photoshop & Lightroom. I also spoke with Jinky Art, Robyn Miller and Vicki Bell, Australian photo artists whose portraits are amazingly imaginative and illustrative with their heavy use of post production.