5 steps to taking better photos of your kids on your I-Phone

  1. If your baby is on its back, position the centre of your phone right above their nose (i.e. don't photograph from an angle below their chin. This distorts their little face and is massively unflattering.)
  2. Using a trampoline or a bed,  stand right over them and bounce or tickle to get a great laugh, then snap!
  3. Avoid the flash, it never looks good. Instead, make sure the subjects are beside a window  at a 45 degree angle or in the shade close to where the sunshine begins.
  4. Get in close, fill the frame with their face. Or lie down on your stomach, prop yourself up on your elbows.  Make a silly animal sound and capture them as they turn around to see where that noise came from!
  5. Use Hipstamatic or PhotoToaster to add frames, boost colours, add vignettes then BAM - your photos will pop with life and emotion. Upload directly to social media if desired.