What do I need to bring?

Please bring two-three outfits for each person. If you would like to have creative input, please bring images, old photo or a Pinterest moodboard along with you. Bring something sentimental, like jewellery, teddy bears, blankets or even an object or ornament that has meaning to you. For example,  special fabric can look incredible in maternity shoots, or a Christening outfit that belonged to a Grandparent may be worn to create an stunning image that has meaning for your family.

Do you offer hair and make-up?

Hair and make up can be arranged for a fee of $150 and can be at the studio or in a nearby Newtown Salon.

What is the best age to photograph babies?

For tiny sleeping newborn shots, the best time is 7-12 days, while they are still able to fold up like they were in the womb. After 12 days they stretch out and wake up and are too unsettled. The next optimal times are 6 weeks (capturing smiles and bright eyes); 3-6 months (baby can hold its head up and is showing family resemblance); 9-12 months (baby can crawl and stand) and of course anytime after 12 months is wonderful also. We tend to do walking babies outdoors in a park, beach or home setting.

When can we see the images and how long before they are ready?

A viewing appointment will be scheduled around one week after the photo session. It will be held at Tortuga Studios and takes about one hour. This is the time that you make decisions about which photos you would like to order and how you would like them to be presented. You also give your instructions for specific retouching requirements, printing paper choices and black & white or colour. Once an order has been placed and full payment is received, your prints will be ordered. Allow two-four weeks for production.

How much does it cost?

The photo session costs $195 and then retouched, art-mounted prints ready for framing start at $95. Special offers will include discounts, along with referral programs, repeat clients and the purchase of a group of images reduces the individual price. For a detailed price guide please call the studio on 0424 344 842.

Can I purchase the images on disc?

Digital files are available with the purchase of a print. These are colour corrected for web along with another folder optimised for print up to a size of 8 x 12 inches.

How long does the session last?

As a guide, sessions last from one to two hours, depending on the location, number of people photographed and the brief. Headshots can be done in an hour, while a newborn shoot will take up to three hours, allowing for feeding and settling time. 

Generally an outdoor family portrait with five people would take 90 mins.

Why choose Lion & Cub Photography?

The purpose of Lion & Cub Photography is to create images that capture journeys through childhood, parenthood - the essence of families being together sharing their unspeakable bond. 

Our commitment is to produce for you an enduring artwork that best captures the significance of the present moment. Photographs of you family memories displayed creatively are treasures that enrich your home. Children who see images of themselves on the wall are reminded every day just how much they are loved. To be involved in this process is what drives our team.

We have a range of digital packages, canvas, mounted prints, photo books and gift cards on display to guide you in your choice. All of the work is presented on the highest quality of professional paper and canvas and are on display in my studio.

Terms and Conditions

Lion & Cub Photography reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to the use in reproduction, competitions/exhibitions, advertising display and copyright. All the digital files, proofs and copyright remain the property of Lion and Cub Photography. No refunds will be issued and a 50 % deposit of the photo session is required one week before the shoot. Payment can be made by Paypal, bank deposit, cheque or cash.