Nikki McLennan

In an age where digital is king, Lion & Cub believes that there is power and beauty in real photos, hung on the wall for everyone to see.

In my heart of hearts, I have always seen myself as an artist. I adore dress ups, clothes, babies, children, cats and art. 

I’ve studied Arts/Law, worked for a media agency and been a teacher, however I found my true place when I was accepted into National Art School. I majored in photography and discovered my passion. In 2001 I launched my own photography business in an age where we still worked in film.

Life has taken me on a fascinating journey through 29 countries, numerous adventures and I even learnt to dance along the way. Now I’m here, doing what I truly love - photographing babies, families, love, weddings and celebrations.

My photos have been commended for their technical and artistic strength, leading to exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne. I have won several awards, including the “Project Wall” at the Australian Centre for Photography (2001). I was a finalist in “Shutterbug” in Paddington (2007) and exhibited in “Art and About” in Hyde Park (2004) and again in 2016. I am a published writer for Capture magazine’s writing about newborns to nudes and most recently won a Highly Commended in this years Mono Awards.

With 16 years experience in portraiture, my talent lies in soulful, black and white imagery that tells a story. I actively connect with children and adults to evoke their emotive and playful sides. I love this because I am able to create magnificent works of art that breathe life into people’s homes and fill them with love and gratitude every time they see them.

I’d love to have the chance to take beautiful photographs you will treasure. 

Nikki McLennan

Nikki McLennan