One day. One take. One beautiful expression of love and commitment. 

You don’t want to take chances on your wedding day. You need a photographer with an eye for the moment and the experience of how to capture it.

I’ll share something with you - I love weddings. I love the atmosphere, the emotion, the unscripted moments and the bringing together of family and friends to share in a celebration. I love recognising the moments that will make a beautiful photo and capturing those in an instant. 

Your wedding photographer needs to be someone you trust, someone with whom you feel comfortable and absolutely someone with whom you connect. You need to feel assured that they have this under control and that they will work well with your guests as well as your bridal party. 

If you are planning a wedding, give me a call. Take a look through my online gallery, arrange an appointment for us to meet or ask me for references so you can chat with previous clients. It’s your day - make sure you always have beautiful photographs to look back on. 

Lion & Cub encourages natural, candid style, aiming to capture the celebratory, joyous ambience of the occasion along with all the unique details of your special day. Images and memories will be brought to life for you to treasure eternally.  Our team is able to create retouched albums, photo books, framed wall art or canvases all printed on the highest quality paper. 

Packages starting at $2600 for up to six hours Other packages are available using two photographers so that not a single moment is missed! Please contact us through the CONTACT FORM for further information.